RARIA exploded onto the Australian music scene in 2021 with three sensational singles, ‘Break Up With Her’, ‘Will You Tell Your Girlfriend’, ‘Maybe I Might Kiss A Girl’, plus a debut EP, Boys Who Broke My Heart, showcasing her stunning voice and songwriting prowess delving into themes of love, heartbreak and relationships, served with a side of sass and playfulness. Now, the budding pop star from Melbourne is back with a new track titled ‘Dude’. 


RARIA explains, Dude' is a song that I wrote when I started to fall very hard for my ‘situationship’. I didn’t intend to fall for him, but he sent me a lot of mixed signals. He would treat me like his partner, talk about our future together, but he was always emotionally unavailable; sometimes that can make you want a person even more. The saddest part was, I would always rather see him and feel like shit afterwards instead of cutting him out of my life completely. I think a lot of people will relate to this song. I always try to write about my life experiences as soon as they happen, so when he called me ‘dude’ after sex, I knew I had to write a song about it.”


RARIA (formally known as Rachel Costanzo) is already leading a new wave of nostalgia-driven, eclectic pop. Redefining the genre and making music “to be remembered”, RARIA has garnered close to a million streams across her debut releases last year, plus developing a growing presence on TikTok with over 3 million likes of her hilarious and relatable videos.